A Shropshire Haven

Shropshire's green hills made us feel at home
A perfect world to wander and leisurely roam
Down by the River Onny walking the dog
Watching moorhen families while seated on a log.

To drive the Long Mynd from Plowden's bare of slope
Climbing from Asterton the car could barely cope
With a narrow, twisting, single lane dangerously steep
To see the paragliders in exhilarating sweep.

Out across a patchwork quilt of verdant fields below
Feeling for the barley, wheat, oats as they grow
With thoroughbreds in paddocks or riding bridleways
See the shower approaching through a lazy summer haze.

Past the Boiling Well, Devil's Mouth reservoired
A view just to die for from Burway Hill proved
That Shropshire is a gem from the tourist's point of view
Especially in fine sunshine with a sky of azure blue.

Much Wenlock, Ditton Priors, Diddlebury sound so strange
Church Preen conjures visions of cleaners on rampage
With brushes, mops, dusters cleaning up the nave
A keen band of church folk feeling strong and brave.

A bitter disappointment was no wild kangaroos
For the sign told us so, wild, not in zoos
Not even a small wallaby hopping around
We're delighted that the Cow House on internet was found.

A trip round the field edge in your own nature park
With butterflies and buzzards a true farmyard ark
So many scuttering spiders and bees sipping nectar
There must be thousands of creatures in each wild hectare.

So, take our heartfelt thanks for the lemon drizzle cake
A little touch of genius, a lovely home bake
Same with the coffee, the milk and the tea
A weary traveller's need provided for free.

Allan & Mary Jeffrey, Aberdeen.
June 2014

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